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Finger-Hand-Joint Body Massager

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  • Forcep shaped, high quality plastic body, 2 Rollers, 1 MAGNETIC ball and comfort Grip
  • MAGNETIC ball (360° rotation) inproves metabolism & fluid flow Amino Acid production
  • Helps to alleviate the pain of carpal tunnel, joint pain, soreness, stiffness & numbness
  • Relieves 99 acupoints present in hand to relax excretory, circulatory and nervous system
  • Makes fingers & hands leaner and beautiful; Stimulates blood and oxygen circulation
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This small and pocket friendly tool is surely for you if you want to flaunt beautiful and healthy hands. Massage acupoints on your hand observe the magic it casts! Every single part of the human body is connected through the nerves that run through hands. Every finger is connected to different internal organs. By massaging and relaxing nerves of fingers you can get rid of harmful body issues. Massaging thumb helps to fight heart disease, dermatitis, alopecia and sore throat.

First finger is connected to stomach and thus by massaging it will help treat constipation, loss of appetite and chronic gastritis. In the same manner, if middle finger is relived it may reduce the threat of liver disease, tinnitus, fatigue and dizziness.

Massaging the ring finger helps to relieve sore throat, headache, frequent urination, hidrosis and abdominal pain. Little finger may be little but has a great impact too! Relaxing its nerves helps to vanish shoulder pain, backache, asthenopia, insomnia, obesity and irregular menstruation.

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