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Flexibility Aids
Fun tools for increased body flexibility

A good way to judge your health is not only strength and endurance but also flexibility. A grown-up can also strive to move and bend his body without a care like a child.

H&Y brings to you Yoga Straps and few fun fitness items, to help you work on your flexibility.

H&Y Yoga Straps available in various colors and lengths, enable you to hold yoga poses for longer.
H&Y Hula Hoop is a fun and happy way to tone the core muscles.
Rubber Reaction Ball helps improve reflexes, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and peripheral vision. It can be used as a prep tool for sports- tennis, baseball, volleyball, and cricket.
These fitness toys are great motivators to teach children about fitness. They are easy to store and carry and can be fun for the whole family.

Hula Hoop

The wavy hula hoop is an innovative more

USD$ 13.25

Yoga Straps - 6 Inch.

Difficult yoga poses made easy with more

USD$ 6.95

StretchNHeal Wooden Pran...

Buckle shoulder, hump, or slouch back more

USD$ 16.95

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