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Foot Acupressure Roller

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  • Rotating beads stimulate muscles on contact and activate nerve endings. A great relaxation tool.
  • A short 5-minute foot massage daily, improves blood circulation .It helps the body release endorphins to relieve pain symptoms and manage severe foot and leg pain, joint pain, muscle tension or circulation issues due to diabetes. It makes the ankles strong and flexible.
  • Acupressure therapy massage helps strengthen the digestive system and encourages weight loss by allowing the excess heat and moisture within the body to be expelled.
  • Made with heavy duty plastic and is long lasting. Simple to use-Just place under the feet while sitting and start rolling the feet to get a relaxing massage. No extra work is required.
  • Portable, easy to carry design that can be stored even in compact spaces.
    Measuring approx 13” x 7.5” and weighing about 620 gm.
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Weight loss with Acupressure Foot Massage
Acupressure rollers have been in use since ages to treat anxiety and high/low blood pressure. It works on the principle of applying pressure on the nerve endings to stimulate blood flow inside the body. The palms of our hands, feet, and back have lots of these nerve endings and sensory receptors which are directly connected to other body parts. Hence acupressure massage on the hands and feet directly affects all body parts providing overall health benefits.

In today’s time with busy lifestyles, nobody has much time to focus on their health. This leads to many health-related issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and many others. Though we recommend everyone to seek a consultant for correct prescription and support, here’s a simple and very effective way of getting some relaxation in your busy life. Acupressure massage with foot roller is an easy way to boost health, remove toxins and get the blood flowing. It helps the body release endorphins inducing deep relaxation.

H&Y Acupressure roller has plastic rolling beads which when rolled over the hands, feet or back give a very soothing sensation and enhances blood flow inside the body. Can be used while watching TV or reading a book.

It is made of high quality plastic and is a durable product.

Can be used by everyone. Be careful not to bruise yourself by applying excessive pressure or by doing for much longer duration than prescribed.

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  • Foot Roller is quite lightweight about - 620 gm
  • Has an easy to handle size- 13 x 7.5 inches
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