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Gopika Hair Shampoo Cleanser

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

Gopika Hair Shampoo Cleanser

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  • Purely traditionally-processed Herbal Shampoo
  • Excellent alternative to chemically overloaded shampoos
  • Contains Herbs well chronicled for Hair health
  • Strengthens hair; inhibits dandruff
  • Believed to have medicinal effects
  • Quantity

  • US$ 7.95


This herbal shampoo is made of herbs well chronicled in Ayurvedic pharmacology for their tremendous benefits to hair and scalp health.

Herbs like Shikakai & Triphala make the hair strong and better textured while retarding hair fall.

Neem is an anti fungal and anti bacterial agent. Other herbal ingredients being their own unique strengths and inhibit the growth of dandruff and other scalp ailments. Henna is a natural conditioner

These herbs are made further potent in the Ayurvedic base formulation which is enhanced by cow urine of native, forest bred cows.

Cow urine of native and forest bred cows has been dealt with in Ayurvedic pharmacology as a health elixir so extensively, that it is a whole branch of healing in itself.

Gopika hair shampoo cleanser imbibes these powers in its formulation.

This shampoo is a healthy hair alternative as compared to cosmetic and chemical based shampoos, that in fact are damaging for the long term hair and skin health. The chemicals in shampoos have also been linked to disastrous effects on the endocrinal system (such as early onset of puberty in girls); several ingredients are believed to be carcinogenic.

It is a wonder that the cosmetic benefits of these harmful shampoos psychologically overpower us to sacrifice our personal bodily and hair health!

Use this natural herbal shampoo and see the difference it brings to your hair health.

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  • Extract derived from
    • Neem Leaves
    • Shikakai
    • Heena Leaves
    • Trifla
    • Camphor
    • Indian sarsaparilla
    • Indian Madder
    • Sevari kanta
    • Barberry
    • Muskroot
    • Licorice
    • Nutgrass
    • Hibiscus flower
    • Gehu Tail ( Natural Vit E)

In ayurvedic hair wash base containing cow urine (q.s).

Packing: 100ml in bottle

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  • 8/11/2016 12:03:53 PM

    Cuddapah , India

  • 3/7/2014 1:47:40 AM

    Chicago , United States

    Your service and products are good except the Kesk Nikhar Hair Tonic. When I use it, a lot of hair fell from my scalp, the smell is so strong, it will not go even if I clean it with another shampoo.

  • 8/5/2013 6:20:34 PM

    Koh Samui , Thailand

    All well received and very satisfied with the product. Thank you.


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