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Handheld Wraparound Neck Massager

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  • Made from recyclable plastic- unbreakable and long lasting; for neck and shoulder-reduces pain, improves flexibility and strength. Extremely durable and comfortable- flexible massage stick.
  • Equipped with 18 independent, 360 °rotating rollers perfectly and strategically designed to massage triggered pressure points of the neck and shoulder- accelerates muscle recovery, releases tension of deep tissue and ligaments.
  • Rollers on a solid, robust and flexible dowel- allows to wrap around neck contours and shoulders; PVC plastic handles on both ends - comfortable, eco friendly and with ergonomic grip for self use.
  • Massage relieves deep tissue and myofascial pain- eliminates soreness of neck and shoulder muscles. A recommended massage tool for people suffering from stiff neck, shoulder or cervical pain.
  • Product length 37 cm; portable and light in weight- best to be carried and used anywhere; easy to clean and store. Compact -fits perfectly in your laptop or gym bag.
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The Handheld Wraparound Neck Massager is an effective stick that helps reduce neck pain and improves muscle strength. It relieves deep tissue, myofascial neck and shoulder pain by eliminating the soreness of the neck muscles caused by abnormalities, inflammation, or injury. Due to poor posture, jerks or by keeping the head in a bad position while sleeping or even working for long hours on the work desk without changing the position you may suffer from an agonizing neck pain.

This massage tool is highly recommended for stiff neck, shoulder and cervical pain as it improves flexibility and reduces the pain of deep tissue or muscle tension. The Handheld Wraparound Neck Massage stick has been strategically designed to massage triggered pressure points of the neck to provide satisfactory results.

It is equipped with 18 independent 360° rotating rollers that rotate on a solid, robust and flexible dowel. Unlike the other rigid massage sticks this neck massager is flexible; hugs neck contours to accelerate muscle recovery. For an effortless and uninterrupted movement the massage tool has PVC plastic handles on both ends for a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Its plastic material makes it light in weight and easy enough to be carried or used anywhere.

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