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Oral & Dental Care
Fresh breath and perfect smile with tongue cleaners & stain remover

Dental care and oral hygiene are important not only for our looks but also for our overall health. Chewing food with teeth is the first step of digestion process. Healthy teeth are a must for good health. Cavities, poor gum, and tongue health can become the root cause of may ailments. To prevent any of these ailments, bad breath or coated tongue, we at H&Y bring to you a host of handpicked and good quality tongue cleaners and other oral hygiene products.

save your money, by preventing unnecessary trips to the dentist. Use the H&Y Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner to get rid of ugly coats- the cause of bad breath. Use the heavy gauge original H&Y Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner for effective tongue surface cleaning without nicks and cuts.

Neem Tooth Picks are the best option for after-food cleanup. Neem Wood is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial wood, used over centuries for cleaning of the teeth.

Teeth Stain Remover is a perfect tool to remove small stains from the teeth. Superficial stains can easily be removed using it at home. Get your sparkly smile back , without a visit to the dentist.

Herbodent Toothpaste containing essential oils, is already a loved product. The people who use this herbal toothpaste, swear by it, and can't do without it. Try it.

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