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  • Apply as Paste or Bath Scrub
  • Contains Natural minerals & Clays
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Suitable for Skin Disorders
  • Softens skin – suitable Spa use. Safe for Infants
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How to treat scabies, eczema, heat rash and almost ANY skin infection with a 100% safe natural powder AND keep the skin exceedingly soft and healthy

Herbomineral is a POWERFUL combination of rare herbs and clays. It's formula is based on the treasure of information contained in ancient Ayurvedic texts dating back to thousands of years.

Its ingredients ensure that it is completely safe and it has even been used extensively for infant eczema and in scabies treatment for children.

How Herbomineral works?

HERBOMINERAL penetrates the skin pores and absorbs toxins in a completely natural way. This removes the breeding ground which is necessary for ANY bacterial activity.

How is it different from skin ointments or other "chemical based" treatments??

HERBOMINERAL acts on the breeding ground (the skin) rather than on the germs (which could be of countless strains). It does so by creating unfavorable conditions that inhibit germ multiplication.

HERBOMINERAL attacks the "cause" of the problem while the conventional treatments treat the "effect".

Because it uses such a simple principle, it has been HUGELY effective on different or unrelated skin disorders. It is highly effective on all skin allergies, heat rash and skin diseases of any origin.

So if you are the kind who is troubled - occasionally or regularly - with skin infections or skin disorders of any kind, you shouldn't be waiting much longer.

Herbomineral has proven to be extremely effective in cases of heat rash and prickly heat too. In fact, its healing and antiseptic properties are so thorough that it has been used in many versatile applications such as throat infections, eye infections and much more.

As a Skin Tonic

HERBOMINERAL is an excellent skin tonic for anyone over 4 years of age. The natural ingredients used in it, make the skin extremely supple and add to the longevity of a youthful skin. It is so safe that it can be used on children too.

In fact, Herbomineral is regularly used as a bath powder for adding to skin luster and softness.

It is completely safe because it has NO chemicals, only natural herbs and clays.

How to Use?

Herbomineral can be used specifically for skin disorders OR as a general bath powder instead of soap for a healthier, softer skin.

In case of infections: Add a few drops of water to the HERBOMINERAL powder (quantity as per area of application) and make it into a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and allow to dry. Wash off after about 20 minutes or let it remain. Use as frequently as desired.

As a bath powder: Wet body or affected area. Sprinkle from the bottle directly on body. Rub with gentle scrubbing motions while having a bath. Then wash off.

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  • 3/19/2019 9:16:17 PM

    woodbury , -- Select Country --

    Review not Provided.

  • 7/21/2017 5:11:50 PM

    Arcade , Italy

    Very satisfied. Product excellent and arrived in perfetc time. Thank you.

  • 7/18/2017 3:44:08 PM

    palwal , India

    Products were quite good. Good service from healthandyoga.
    Product shipping could have been better as i didn`t get any shipping details/confirmation, had to contact cc to get shipping details.
    Overall very good experience.
    Keep up the good work.


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