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Welcome to the Categorization of Articles by Author.

Most of our articles have still NOT been categorized "by author" as yet. To see these non-categorized articles, please click here

However, newer articles are NOW also classified author-wise. See the contributions of some of these wonderful authors below.

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     Equanimity of the Seven Chakras
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     Yoga For Heart Disease, Obesity And Stress
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Ruby Andrew
     5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri lanka
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     History Of Yoga In The Upanishads
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     Feeling Run Down? Relax And Have Fun With Yoga, Of Any Type
     Understanding Human Life
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     World’s Best Yoga Studios That Promise a Dose of Spirituality
Manjari Bhatt
     Yoga Education
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     Effects of Yoga Practice on Aging
Mrinalini Kumari
     Yogic Lifestyle Management
Anil Singh Yogi
     Yoga & Asthma – The role of Yoga Therapy
Irene De Lucas
     OM Chanting & Mantras in Yoga
Anant Ashtekar
     Sahajata in Yoga
Lena Fieldson
     How to calculate your BMI accurately

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