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Pregnancy Manual
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Pregnancy Manual
  • This course is based on the principles
  • meditation and relaxation techniques
  • positive effect on the mind
  • Yoga exercises
  • Meditation
  • Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Yogic relaxation
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Health.
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Use this Pregnancy to Discover a New Way of Life

Pregnancy is a time when you encounter unique Physical and Emotional situations with each passing day.

At such a time you can definitely do with someone by you at all times.

The �Women�s Health and Pregnancy� course is a uniquely designed course. It is the ONLY course that guides you through pregnancy week by week and beyond PLUS let's your pregnancy questions answered by the expert anytime you wish.

This course is based on the principles of Integral Yoga. According to Integral Yoga, the true benefits CANNOT be had by exercises alone. It must include tools that have a tremendously positive effect on the mind.

How the Course is Designed

This course is uniquely designed to include 5 vital tools that will help you sail through your pregnancy week by week.
  • Yoga exercises
  • Meditation
  • Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Mudras and Bandhas
  • Yogic relaxation
The course has been organized into 28 practical lessons using all these tools. Besides the manual, Ma Guruprem teaches the techniques of meditation and relaxation through specially prepared audio tracks. PLUS you can have all your pregnancy questions and apprehensions addressed by her.

It is delightfully progressive. It will take you through a progressive series of techniques right from the very basics. As you proceed it will �grow on you�. So if you�re thinking that you might get bored forget it!!

The lessons are preceded by a theoretical insight, which really shows how you will benefit from these 5 pillars of yoga.

So what do you get?

A 75-Page Manual that teaches you the Yoga practice in an extremely easy-to-follow and practical manner.

80 minutes of Powerful Audio Techniques that train you in meditation and relaxation techniques. This will be your emotional anchor during and after your pregnancy.

Included in the manual, is a guide on �Mudras� and �Bandhas�, also known as gestures or locks. These have an extraordinary effect on a woman�s reproductive organs.


This powerful course comes with a 100% no-risk guarantee. If you feel that the course is not right for you for any reason, just tell us and we�ll refund you immediately.

And the Price...

The Entire course including the Audio CD has been Specially priced at Rs. 250.00 This has specifically been done to promote the powerful benefits of Integral yoga on Pregnancy and Postnatal Health.

Don�t delay these benefits for a single day � you owe it to yourself AND your child
" A smooth pregnancy is not about exercises alone. Pregnancy involves enormous emotional plus physical changes. It really takes all your resources to cope with anxiety, fatigue, pre and post natal depression. "
" Thank you! I have enjoyed it much and only wish I could spend more time on it. I know it's helping with my pregnancy now and will help much more in the future. Thanks for putting together the book & CD. "
Bethany Dawn Kilgore Allen, Kenosha, WI
" The book is very helpful as a prenatal yoga teacher and very informative as a student of yoga Thank you. "
D.G New York, NY
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Women's Health And Pregnancy Book With CD Pregnancy Manual USD$ 19.95
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Pregnancy Manual
Pregnancy Manual

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