Ear Patches for Painless Ear-wear
    EarLift� - Ear Patches for Painless Ear-wear  
EarLift� - Ear Patches for Painless Ear-wear.
  • Wonder ear protection from heavy and painful Earrings
  • Options: 30 or 60 ear patches per box
  • Invisible and Waterproof
  • Superior - Can be worn for longer time
  • Hypoallergenic � suitable for sensitive skins.
  • Provides relief to damaged and torn earlobes
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Ear Patches for painless wearing of earrings

Wearing earrings (specially heavier ones) can be extremely painful to the ear. The ear holes become larger and the skin gets damaged. Left untreated, the earlobe can also tear!

These Ear patches solve the problem wonderfully.
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These invisible patches have a unique self-sticking strong yet very safe adhesive. All you have to do is to remove the patch and stick one patch behind your earlobe.

These patches are so light and flexible, yet so important; they will take upto 70% of the weight of your earring, greatly reducing the pressure on the ear.

Simply wear the earrings from the front, letting it pierce the patch which is on the back of the ear. That�s it! The patch will now support the weight of the earring, relieving your ear of the trouble.

These patches are also hypoallergenic, which means protection of your ear from skin sensitivity.Some earring backings cause allergic skin reactions. With these patches coming between your ear and the backing, you are protected from skin sensitivities and allergies� another great benefit!

Will protect your ear for a longer time, helping you avoid costly and painful plastic surgery.
Item Photos Price
EarLift� - Set Of 60 Patches EarLift USD$ 18.95
EarLift� - Set Of 30 Patches EarLift USD$ 11.95
EarLift� - Ear Patches for Painless Ear-wear.

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