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Customizable Hernia Belt
    Customizable Hernia Belt   Customizable Hernia Belt   Customizable Hernia Belt   Customizable Hernia Belt  
Customizable Hernia Belt
  • Customizable compression pads; The belt comes with left and right compression pads that be removed or adjusted according to the user compatibility.
  • Adjustable leg and belly straps; Velcro adjustable straps provide customized pressure and adequate size adjustment to fit your belly and groin area.
  • Elastic yet highly durable material; Ethafoam made hernia belt, Fits easily and possess high durability against wear and tear.
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A hernia is a medical condition where an organ tries to pushes through an opening in the muscle or a soft point in the muscle which can be easily penetrated. This medical issue can be by birth or it may occur afterward. One cannot control hernia to occur but prevention can lead to restrict its further growth. A hernia belt is a great measure to help you out in this situation. So, here we have a uniquely designed hernia belt for men with adjustable compression pads which lets the user adjust the product according to convenience.

The belt is equipped with elastic leg and belly strap to fit easily without any discomfort. Also, one can wear it inside the trousers during daytime; It sits perfectly in place without being detected. Coming to its material, the product is made up of quality grade ethafoam which is a highly durable fabric by nature; alongwith that the fabric possess high elasticity which makes it easy to fit almost every body size. Not just this, the product is also odour free and rash resistant which makes it easy to wear for longer durations. A perfect solution for your problems, Grab one and feel the difference.

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Customizable Hernia Belt
Customizable Hernia Belt
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