Yoga & Meditation CD-ROM
Yoga & Meditation CD-ROM
  • Understanding Tool for Beginners
  • Introduces Postures, Meditation & Breathing
  • Disease based posture segments provided
  • Introduces Cleansing techniques
  • Brings better Food Awareness
  • Format: Multimedia CDROM
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"Yoga is difficult" is the greatest myth floating around!!

Yoga gives miraculous benefits with the LEAST strenuous exercises

How is that? Well because yoga exercises are just a matter of coordination between breathing and EASY body movements. Nothing more and nothing less.

These are not typos. This is just a glimpse of what yoga can do for you. The power of yoga has been conclusively established by Thousands of Years of practice and experience.

Yoga exercises and simple relaxation methods help you develop a stress free life and provide maximum benefits with the least effort. Yoga breathing (Pranayama) has an almost magical effect on the nervous system and the mind. This in turn creates the ideal conditions for the body to experience the benefits of exercise.

So how does the Yoga & Meditation CD-Rom help?? Well for one it is exclusively designed for beginners by making it extremely interactive with great videos.

It has been designed by experts to specifically Suck Out those "easy to do" exercises and breathing methods that impart enormous benefits. A personal yoga teacher guides you by the hand to help you realize a perceptible improvement by the day. All this in the Comforts of Your Home.

Why has the Yoga & Meditation � CD-ROM been appreciated as one of the best Yoga tutor programs available (see some of our Achievements as well as the Reviews)
  • Convenient: The CD-ROM is extremely easy to navigate and is also accompanied by a detailed user's guide to make learning extremely convenient.
  • Progressive: The yoga teacher "guides you by the hand" to help you achieve competence rather easily.
  • Postures are explained with carefully crafted musical compositions which make learning a soothing experience.
How it Works?

The Yoga & Meditation� tutor program is conveniently organized into 4 comprehensive sections which make navigation and understanding extremely easy.

The Introduction section.
  • The Postures section has been specifically created to teach various important and powerful exercises in Yoga.
  • A unique feature of this CD-Rom is that postures have also been clubbed for specific Disease Cures. So if you have a heart problem or are suffering from diabetes, you can choose your specific routine of postures and find considerable relief.
  • The Meditation Section deals at great length with various meditation methods and offers instructions on how to practice meditation to achieve a stress free life.
  • Yoga has been dealt with as a way of life in this software. One of the most important tools of Yoga are theBreathing Methods (Pranayama).
The trainer also highlights various cleansing techniques that are an integral part of a healthy life. Food habits and importance of an occasional fast are explained to make the learning a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

It helps you learn simple yet extremely effective methods to help develop a stress-free and a healthy life. The Yoga & Meditation� CD-ROM is an Award-Winning multimedia delight that literally brings the Yoga Guru to your home.

ISBN 81-86532-07-2

System Requirements:

Multimedia PC with a Pentium processor

16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)

CD-ROM drive

Audio board Headphones or Speakers

SVGA 256-colour display

Windows 95 or 98 with 800 X 600 256-colour display,
Arial, Arial Bold, Arial Italic, Arial Bold Italic True Type Fonts.
" Feeling fatigued and exhausted, unable to balance work and home? Need to relax? Now available for virtual health buffs is an interactive cd-rom-- Yoga & Meditation. "
" I'm amazed!! I lost 10 lbs in no time at all by simple yoga breathing and the simplest of yoga exercises. "
" Yoga breathing exercises and a few pregnancy yoga postures ensured the labour on my FIRST delivery lasted just 3 hours "
" Yoga & Meditation', like all your products, is superb in terms of audio,video animation, and sketches... "
Dr Jonn Mumford,YogaMagik, Sydney, Australia
" The Yoga and Meditation CD which I received with my order is an excellent teaching tool for beginners and very, very well designed. "
Dave Mooney, Valatie, NY
" Sure, it is worthwhile discovering a simple & natural way towards developing a beautiful body, healthy mind & strong spirit? "
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Yoga & Meditation CD-ROM
Yoga & Meditation CD-ROM
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"i was disappointed with the Yoga CD - I was expecting more of a yoga session and not just information. Perhaps your promotion is mmisleading or not succinct enough. I have plenty of books about yoga, I wanted to participate in a practice session doing yoga---------------- 7/3/2006---------------"

24 Jun,2006

from Wheatland , U.S.A.


"Excellent product! Speedy shipping. Thank you!"

29 Nov,2005

from Auburndale , U.S.A.


"Thank you for your great products. Your CD-roms are very interesting and complete. Continue your great job."

25 Jul,2005

from Montreal , Canada
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