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Eye Cleanse Combo
    Eye Cleanse Combo   Eye Cleanse Combo   Eye Cleanse Combo  
Eye Cleanse Combo
  • Great eye care and cleanse combo; reduces soreness, provides stress relief
  • Includes a hot-cold gel eye mask and a pair of eye wash cups
  • Cooling Eye Gel Mask with Velcro Straps helps with dark circles and fatigue
  • Eye-wash cup: cup your eyes with the rims pour in the liquid and flush out toxins
  • High quality products rejuvenate and deep relax the eyes
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How often do we complain that we feel stressed; be it work or home? Certainly, more than we’d like to admit. In the never stopping, never relaxing world, when the hustle gets to your head and you start tearing up, fret not! We bring to you the best solution to all your stress and headache issues, the eye cleanse combo.

The eye cleanse combo comes with a gel eye mask that has a Velcro Strap, which can be easily latched on anytime anywhere, and a pair of eye wash cups, sturdy, transparent, high quality and with rounded edges i.e., safe. The eye was cups are filled with liquid (water or any prescribed drop/wash), then placed rim down on your eyes. They cleanse the eyes of dirt, small particles, lashes and even harmful toxins, when you open your eyes and blink into the cups. After cleaning the eyes thoroughly, you can enjoy deep relaxation by strapping on the cooling/soothing mask. The eye mask comes with a hot and cold gel component that can be cooled in the fridge or warmed up in hot water/microwave.

The eye cleansing combo helps you flush out the excess stress and dirt, and makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Eye Cleanse Combo
Eye Cleanse Combo
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