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Eye Wash Cups
    Eye Wash Cups - Set of 2   Eye Wash Cups - Set of 2   Eye Wash Cups - Set of 2   Eye Wash Cups - Set of 2  
Eye Wash Cups - (Set of 2)
  • Transparent Eye-wash cup: 2 pcs;Each Holds approx 10ml of water or prescribed liquid
  • Good Cupping - Fits smoothly with Eye contour; Ensures hassle free eye cleansing
  • Safe for eyes: No sharp edges on cup;Can stand to keep liquid safe & Hygienic
  • Cup your eyes within the rim; dip eyes into the cup & blink; Get them cleansed
  • Made of High Grade Plastic; Robust;Size of the Cup:2inch X 1inch;Clean with Soapy wash
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Often, eyes get contaminated by micro particles, dust and dirt while on roads, loose eyelashes and many other reasons. We face such situations often and it is highly irresistible to handle. The irritation discomforts us and the best treatment is washing the eyes safely and thoroughly.

To combat such situation, eye wash cup is all we need. This high grade plastic cup is strong and long lasting. It holds sufficient amount of water or any prescribed liquid to dip eyes and wash them properly.

Set of 2 eye-wash cups has smooth contour with no chips and sharp edges. It is 100% safe to use these cups on eyes.

Always rinse the cup with water before and after use.

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Eye Wash Cups - (Set of 2) Eye Wash Cups USD$ 7.95
Eye Wash Cups - (Set of 2)
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