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Maternity Kit
    Pregnancy Care Kit  
Maternity Kit: Ultra-Care Essentials: Maternity Kit & Peeing Aid
  • Maternity Care Kit: Wisely designed considering the discomfort of pregnancy.
  • Superior Maternity Belt: Supports from bottom to top - does NOT Interfere with growing belly.
  • Exerts Less pressure on Back; Provides Firm Balance & Safety; can be used post pregnancy too.
  • Stand UP & Pee: Use & Throw funnels (set of 10 funnels); maintain Intimate hygiene in pregnancy.
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Maternity is a wonderful phase in every woman’s life. Pregnancy of 9 months is not that easy. A woman’s belly grows gradually and so the pain of carrying it safely. Comfortable squatting becomes increasingly difficult for urination. At the same time, Intimate hygiene becomes very important.

To stay steer clear from such hassles, this wonderful Maternity kit for pregnant women will help relish maternity period at its best. This kit consists of Maternity belt and Peeing aid funnels. Maternity belt is of raw fiber color and built with microfiber woven with seamless technology. Away from harsh effects of bleach color, it is the very natural kind of belt for women to deal with their maternity sickness. It supports the whole body from top to bottom without touching the belly keeping it safe. It exerts less pressure on backs providing complete back support. It can be used post maternity also to get back in shape.

Another issue that women face a lot in their pregnancy is uncomfortable squatting while urination. Situations sometimes arise where they can be bound to use unhygienic public toilets. In such cases, this revolutionary product is very useful. Stand up and pee provides them the ease of urinating while standing. It is very easy to use: Simply Open, Place under the flow area, Relax & Pee - then dispose. It is a wonderful product to use while travelling. Being made of coated paper it can be held easily without getting wet on the exterior. 1 funnel is for only 1 time use.

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Ultra-Care Essentials: Maternity Kit & Peeing Aid Maternity Kit USD$ 45.95
Essentials: Maternity Kit and Peeing Aid
Maternity Kit
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