Metal Shoe Horn
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Metal Shoe Horn
  • Superior quality Metal shoe horn, durable, long lasting and light weight
  • Contoured design lets your feet glide in the shoes effortlessly
  • Double sided/reversible horn that works with all kinds of footwear
  • Large, Medium, or Small, just flip over to adjust in your feet
  • 6.5 inches or 16.5 cms long; compact size makes it easy to travel with
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More often than we would care to admit, we get frustrated while putting our shoes, ballerina’s, and heels on. Stuck between the endless circle of tying and untying laces, we spend more time than is required with the footwear; which sometimes ends up making us late and other times irritated. Enter “The shoe horn”.

This shoe horn is a helpful tool for those, who find it difficult to slip their feet in shoes and other footwear. It is made from high quality metal which makes it durable, long lasting, yet light weight. The horn is curved and contoured to work with every shoe type. It’s reversible and double sided design makes it possible to fit with almost every shoe size. The horn is compact, only 6.5 inches long; hence, is easily portable and travelled with.

The best shoe horn, for the best fit possible.

Item Photos Price
Metal Shoe Horn Metal Shoe Horn USD$ 7.95
Metal Shoe Horn Set of 2 Metal Shoe Horn set of 2 USD$ 13.95
Metal Shoe Horn
Metal Shoe Horn
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