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Organic Green Tea
    Greatest Green Tea  
Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Green Tea
  • Rich Source of Antioxidants
  • Pure Darjeeling Tea
  • Natural source of Fluoride for Teeth
  • May help in weight loss
  • 3.50 oz. (100 gms.)
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The greatest green tea benefit is the presence of polyphenol oxidase - an abundant supply of antioxidants. Antioxidants can be termed as the “true elixir” of life.

The activity of antioxidants in tea is more than that in over 21 fruits and vegetables.

Item Antioxidants Capacity*


Green Tea814 +/- 30

Spinach 129 +/- 6

Beets81 +/- 25

Leaf Lettuce49 +/- 7

Cauliflower46 +/- 11

Garlic46 +/- 9

Onion40 +/- 2

Cabbage32 +/- 2

Carrot26 +/ -8

Corn22 +/- 4

Potato15 +/- 5

Cucumber15 +/- 2

Sweet Potato14 +/- 2

* The Antioxidant Capacity is measured by oxygen radical absorbance method using peroxyl radical (AAPM). Trolox is a common Antioxidant and 1u mol of Trolox = 1 gm of dry matter.

So how do antioxidants work?

Antioxidants protect the cells from a natural process called “oxidative stress”. Although oxygen is vital for life, oxidation produces free radicals that damage human cells. This damaging, physiological process works against the immune system AND is also responsible for ageing Antioxidants help our body eliminate these harmful free radicals.

In fact a decrease in the level of antioxidants is proportional to the increased risk from cancer, heart attacks and umpteen other health disorders. In fact a new research shows that antioxidants in tea may actually help fight cataract – one of the primary causes of blindness globally.

Green tea contains polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. They favor those bacteria that are beneficial to the human body while killing those that are harmful.

Why Organic?

Having seen the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the world is slowly reverting back to natural ways of nourishment without adulteration by chemicals. The resulting produce is said to provide a fuller and richer taste beside being healthier for consumption.

Organic Green Darjeeling tea.

This is a rich produce of the Seeyok farms on The Indian-Nepal border. Certified as organic by the Internationally recognized institutions such as IMO of Switzerland, the tea leaves of thes farms impart a unique enriching flavor which is widely sought after all over the world.

This tea is cultivated using nature’s solutions for pest control and environmental protection. Tea is planted and harvested according to lunar cycles to extract the healthiest crop with the most stimulating flavor.


he tea is packed at origin using eco friendly natural jute fiber, hand made paper and recycled board.
Note: The tea is labeled as "Pure Darjeeling Tea" denoting the tea estate of origin.

How to use?

Put a cup of water to boil. Just before boiling point is reached, discontinue heating and immediately add 1 teaspoon of the green tea leaves. Cover the lid and allow to infuse for a couple of minutes. Strain and consume the water with sugar to taste (optional). Feel the vitality flow in.


Consume as often as required. Ideally 8-10 cups of tea (or bout 1200ml.) per day would be ideal for good health and slowing the ageing process. A person should start his day by drinking 2-3 cups till breakfast.
" Current research shows tea contains specific antioxidants & health promoting ingredients. Lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke & certain types of cancer link, pancreatic and prostrate. "
Dr. John Weisburger, Director Emeritus, American Health Foundation
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Organic Green Tea
3.5 oz(100 gm.)
Organic Green Tea USD$ 9.95
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