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PVC Colon Tips
    Short PVC Colon Tips   Colon Tips Pvc   PVC Colon Tips   Pvc Colon Tips  
Short PVC Colon Tips (Pack of 10)
  • Medical Grade PVC Colon tips: Short & Flexible; length: 15 cm; Pack of 10
  • Ultimate Comfort; Non-Toxic & Sterilized, To be mounted over nozzle; Disposable
  • Round Closed end with side opening protects sensitive areas; Single tip for single use only
  • Thickness available:12 FR(5.3mm) to 18 FR(5.94mm); Each tip packed individually
  • Desired Tip Softness: Neither too hard for insertion nor too Soft to pinch water flow
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Enemas are helpful for chronic diseases as indigestion and constipation. Currently, people around the world undergo home enemas to get rid of such problems of routine life.

People face a lot of discomfort using traditional enema colon tips as they are big and a bit hard at their end. To have a comfortable enema experience, enema tips must be soft at their end so that they stay easy to hold for a bit longer. We at HealthAndYoga, continuously work on providing a relaxing enema experience to the people worldwide. We have introduced these short and flexible colon tips. They have round ends which can be easily inserted and also maintain the blocking. They have all the properties of an ideal colon tip.

They are shorter (15 cms) comparatively. They come in size varying from 12 Fr (5.3mm) to 18 Fr (5.94mm). They can be easily mounted over the enema nozzle. Use each for single time only and dispose.

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Short PVC Colon Tips (Pack of 10) Short PVC Colon Tips USD$ 5.95
Short PVC Colon Tips (Pack of 10)
Short PVC Colon Tips
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"The thing that I had ordered works perfectly for me. Will recommend this place to others too. "

17 Aug,2017

from Mumbai , India



15 Jun,2017

from Thane , India
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