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Silicone Baby Bib
    Silicone Baby Bib Neck   Baby Bib Neck   Adjustable Baby Bib   Adjustable Baby Bib Neck  
Silicone Baby bib - Adjustable Neck-String
  • Made of Food Grade Silicone; Baby bibs are super soft on babies’ neck and body.
  • Adjustable neck strings with fastening for comfortable hanging on their necks while feeding.
  • Deep pocket built within the bib; Long Lasting; Green in Color.
  • Easy to rinse, Wipe Clean; Can be Sterilized in warm water; Wash before use.
  • For Babies more than 6 months.
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At times, it gets really untidy and messy while feeding little babies as they are not able to keep themselves clean. Bibs are really helpful to feed them neatly. These bibs are made of food grade silicone which are very gentle on babies’ skin unlike other material’s bibs and protect their clothes as well as providing a larger surface of covering. They are suitable for the babies crossing 6 months. These cute baby bibs also have neck strings which can adjust the size accordingly. They have deeper pockets which can catch the food if it drops from their mouth instead of letting it fall on their clothes or floor.

These are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped and rinsed easily. Also they are dishwasher safe. They have longer life as compared to others.

Item Styles and Sizes Photos Size Price
Silicone Baby bib - Adjustable Neck-String - Large Silicone Baby Bib Large USD$ 9.95
Silicone Baby bib - Adjustable Neck-String - Small Silicone Baby Bib Small USD$ 8.95
Silicone Baby bib - Adjustable Neck-String
Silicone Baby Bib Neck
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