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Baby Care Products
Baby feeding and sleeping made easy

Taking care of a baby is probably the most overwhelming experience of a new parent's life. It brings a lot of joy and sleepless nights. Parenting is a journey of new discoveries everyday.

H&Y brings a collection of some accessories to help the new parents, bring comfort and ease in the process of baby rearing. .

Feeding the bottle-fed baby requires a lot of work while preparing as well as administering the feed. You have to make sure the bottles are sterilised well and also that the baby does not get colic during or after the feed. You have to then keep the tiny one's mouth clean. You have to make sure your baby's bedding and pillow are comfortable and right for his head growth. A little daunting right!!

H&Y based on baby's requirements has curated a bouquet of accessories to make your parenting journey easy.

Anti colic straw, Bottle Tongs, Silicone Bib, Neem Wood Cutlery are some feeding aids.

Keep your baby's mouth residue-free using the safe to use Baby Mouth Cleaners and Toothbrushes

Keep the little infant happy and warm in his sleep with our super-absorbent fleece sheets and Baby Head Shaping Pillow Case.

Also check out other accessories- Baby Thermometer, Baby Nail file, and more...

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