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Insect Repellent Blanket

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  • 100% cotton blanket - DEET (insect repellant) impregnated fabric using patented technology.
  • Safe, even for children - Non Allergic, skin friendly, Odorless, Washable, Re-usable.
  • Energy-Saving, Eco-friendly and Body friendly No fume and non-skin harming product.
  • Comes in a choice of sizes - Highly Durable and Travel friendly - Easy to carry.
  • Comparatively economic than others.
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Mosquitoes are a growing menace – exceedingly disturbing while spreading deadly diseases.

This is an effective product which can be used as a curtain or blanket to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.The Mosquito repellent blanket (or curtain) is an unconventional approach to protect you from diseases caused by mosquitoes. Now you don’t need to burn a deadly cocktail of chemicals to prevent mosquitoes entering your home Or cake your skin with harmful repellant oils or sprays. Just keep this small wonder handy that does not let mosquitoes or any other insects reach your body. Itssafe and skin friendly aspects makes it convenient for using it around kids too.

This product is designed to protect you from mosquito bites.It is made of 100% natural cotton textile fabric, comprising the process steps of, scouring the fabric, dyeing the fabric, drying and finishing step to impregnate the fabric with N, N-diethyl m-toluamide (DEET). This DEET is yellow color oil and is very effective as mosquito repellent .This product is tested method of WHO standard.The Mosquito repellant blanket reduces the number of mosquito landings, thereby protecting you from mosquito transmitted diseases like malaria, yellow fever & dengue etc.

A useful and much needed personal care item that makes for an excellent gift too!!

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