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Jala Neti Salt Jar (300 gms) -Non-Iodised, Pure Sodium Chloride for Yogic Nasal Wash

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Jala Neti Salt Jar (300 gms) -Non-Iodised, Pure Sodium Chloride for Yogic Nasal Wash

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  • PURE SALT FOR NETI PRACTICE – HealthAndYoga brings pure Jala Neti Salt for a safe Neti practice. It is used to make warm saline solution for use with Neti Pots
  • CHEMICAL FREE- Most table salts, contain iodine or non-caking agents, making them unsuitable for jala neti. HealthAndYoga Pure Neti Salt is designed for yoga practitioners and has no chemical additives, iodine or any non-caking agents, keeping it pure and safe for saline nasal wash.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT - Most available salts, even those claiming to be pure do contain some minerals or additives like baking soda. Make sure to use the HealthAndYoga Neti Salt which is 99.5% pure NaCl for a safe Neti practice.
  • HOW TO USE - 5 grams of HealthAndYoga Neti Salt should be added to 500 ml of lukewarm water for a single neti Session. Pour this solution in any Neti Pot and begin with your Jala Neti. HealthAndYoga Neti Salt Sachets of 5 grams also available for one time use.
  • PRACTICE NETI WITH HEALTHANDYOGA POTS- Jala Neti practice can become easy, safe and pleasurable when practised using well researched and tested Neti Pots from HealthAndYoga- SteloKleen Stainless Steel Neti Pot, FloJar Ceramic Neti Pot, Shell Neti Pot, Classico Ceramic Neti Pot or QwikFlo Plastic Travel Neti Pots.
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As per Yoga, one should use only Pure Salt, WITHOUT additives for Jala Neti Practice, to prevent any long-term implications of any additives or chemicals on the body. In fact, for Neti practice, it is not recommended to use table salts, as they are iodised.

HealthAndYoga has been curating genuine products based on the principles of yoga and Ayurveda. Jala Neti Salt by HealthAndYoga too is made following the principles of Yoga- It is pure salt without any additives, iodine or any anti-caking agents. It is meant for the practice of Yogic Saline Nasal Wash – Jala Neti.

It is available in 5-gram packets (One Time Use) and in a jar of 300 grams for multiple uses.

For Neti Practice with best results- Make a saline solution of One packet HealthAndYoga Neti Salt (5 grams) in SteloKleen Neti Pot (500 ml water).

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Jala Neti Salt Composition:

  • Moisture - 1.0% max.
  • Sodium Chloride - 99.5% max.
  • Matter insoluble in water - 0.055% max.
  • Calcium Salts - 0.03% max.
  • Iron Compounds (PPM) - 10% max.
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