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Kansa Face Roller

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

Kansa Face Roller

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  • Beauty product for daily skincare routine. Good for a gentle face massage with mild pressure;
    Perfect for under-eye massage to reduce puffiness and dark circles; Reduces wrinkles and fine lines;
    Tones upper and lower lip, chin, and jawline; Helps reduce the extra chin fat.
  • Practical home facial massager to relax, boost blood circulation, stimulate collagen production, and drain congested lymph nodes. Also used to penetrate any serum/cream into the skin.
  • As per Ayurveda, Kansa metal is great detoxifier and when massaged onto the skin pulls out the toxins granting a visible facial glow.
  • Rollers made of Bronze metal (Kansa).
    Smaller roller for under eyes and nose bridge; Bigger roller for cheeks and neck.
    Evenly smoothed and highly polished rollers are firmly held by zinc alloy braces.
  • Handle made of robust Sheesham wood; Skillfully handcrafted for firm and comfortable grip.
    Sustainable and rust-free.
    Light-weight; Easy to carry.
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Wrinkles and fine lines can now be reduced and delayed using the Kansa Face Roller Massager.

Kansa Face Roller can be used daily. It is designed to give massage with mild pressure. The rolling action of the rollers glide over the skin while giving mild push. This relaxes the skin without too much stress on the skin.
A great way to relax the facial muscles after a whole day’s work of smiling and talking.

Well-designed product with two sized kansa rollers for optimum coverage of the face. Has a robust Sheesham wood handle that has been skillfully handcrafted to give the user a firm and comfortable grip.

Properties of Bronze/Kansa have been much talked about since ancient times. Kansa when massaged on the skin draws out toxins. This leads to a clearer and radiant complexion.

Daily skin care ritual-

After applying your moisturizer or serum, just roll the bigger roller on your cheeks and forehead to push the product into the skin. Use the smaller roller for smaller areas like under eyes, upperlips and behind ears and jawline. At night- After applying your night cream, do a 3-4 minute kansa roller facial massage. This will relax your facial muscles, boost collagen production and help you have a good sleep.

While using sheet masks-

Sheet masks contain a lot of product, and tends to get displaced if you massage with fingers. Once you apply the sheet mask over your face, Kansa Face Roller should be used over the sheet mask to push the product into the skin. Get the most out of your expensive sheet masks with Kansa Roller.
Next time you travel, don’t forget your Kansa Roller with Sheet masks for that perfect holiday glow.

Regular facial kansa massage helps to reduce facial bloating as it drains the lymphatic nodes.
Very easy to use.
Use gentle upward strokes on the cheeks, Right-left strokes under the eyes.

Regular massage goes a long way in keeping the facial skin healthy and rejuvenated.

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Worldwide Reviews

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