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Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

Kesh Nikhar Hair Tonic

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  • Non foaming, Chemical–free product
  • Treats Hair and Scalp disorders
  • Cow Urine based product. No artificial fragrances
  • Believed to have medicinal effects
  • To be used as a hair cleanser during bath.
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  • US$ 8.95


If you are troubled with persistent hair and scalp disorders AND can overcome the mind block of using cow urine on your hair, then this product should so wonders.

Severe conditions such as scalp fungus, allergies, Dandruff, thinning hair, premature graying, Premature Hair fall, scalp disorders are issues that owe their origin to genetics, body disposition as well as an increasing overload of environmental issues.

To make matters worse, these conditions are worsened by conventional products like shampoos, hair tonics, ointments etc.

All these chemically overloaded products contain ingredients that damage the long term health of the hair and skin. Many ingredients are also carcinogenic. Moreover, the use of chemical based shampoos have also been linked to early onset of menstruation in girls, indicating the hormonal disturbing aspects of these products.

The only real benefit of these conventional shampoos and hair cleansing products is cosmetic - they psychologically affect us positively due to the fragrance and lather they provide, alongwith the temporary softness that may accompany these.

Kesh Nikhar seems to be the only product that actually treats scalp and hair conditions. It is not a cosmetic product. It is an Ayurvedic formulation that uses completely natural herbs and ingredients steeped and prepared in a cow urine base.

The result is a non-lather, liquid that (though extremely pungent in smell) is a true elixir of your hair and scalp health.

You should immediately see the benefits in assorted scalp conditions, dandruff and hair fall in just a couple of applications.

It will not only retard graying of hair but also assist in darkening the existing gray hair. AND… you will experience a cooling effect on the head.

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Cow urine, soap nut, camphor, Bishop’s weed (carum ajowan), acacia, Indian gooseberry (amla), hibiscus, and eclipta-alba.


Apply on wet hair and gently massage on scalp. Wash off.

Packing: 100ml.

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  • 8/11/2016 12:03:53 PM

    Cuddapah , India

  • 9/3/2013 2:04:19 AM

    madison , United States

    Hi. Yes, I received my order some weeks ago. This was very fast coming from India, however the hair tonic bottle looked as if it had leaked from the top and when I opened it, the bottle looked to be only about half full. The soap smells wonderful. I can really smell the citrus in it very well. Although I have not used it yet, I bet I won`t regret that I purchased it.I am happy with my shopping experience and will probably continue to be a customer of

  • 7/16/2013 1:34:02 AM

    Pollok , United States

    I love everything I have used. Thank You!!


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