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Latex Body Scrubber and Massager

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  • Handy biscuit shaped tool for effective Self Massage and Body Toning
  • Edges can be used between fingers and toes, as well as under finger and toe nails
  • Makes skin soft and supple with regular use
  • Helps stimulate the nervous system and relieve several ailments on acupressure principles
  • Helps mitigate darkness on elbows and knees by softening the skin
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This latex based, biscuit-shaped massager is a handy tool for every day use. Use as a scrubber during bath for body, back , neck and abdomen as well as legs and arms. Use it to work up a lather. Using this on cracks of your heels helps soften them considerably. For those suffering from dark conditions of the elbows and knees, this condition can be mitigated considerably by regular use in those areas.

One face has pointed edges which help in acupressure stimulation of pressure points. This provides relief as per acupressure principles in health conditions characterized by energy blockages, such as blood pressure, aches and pains.

The other face has rounded nodules which are an effective body scrub for exfoliation and making the skin softer. The edges can be used to clean the webbings of the fingers and toes as well as an effective manicure and pedicure for the area just below the nails

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  • 12/21/2015 6:20:49 PM

    Chennai , India

    I got the delivery on time without any damage and I am very much satisfied with products. Good job!

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