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Massage Travel Stick

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  • Designed to compress and stretch muscles- reduces muscle pain, cramp, soreness or stiffness
  • Consists of wooden handles and plastic rollers with nodular surface- stimulates pressure points
  • Reduces the effect of lactic acid- prevents muscle fatigue and builds stamina
  • Best suited for lower limbs, management of pains and shin splints
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The massage travel stick is a unique self massage tool to compress and stretch muscle. It effectively reduces muscle pain, stiffness or soreness. It works on the principles of acupressure so effectively works on the pressure points and trigger points. It increases the flexibility and strength of muscles and speeds up muscle recovery.

It is a user-friendly tool. The massager can be rolled independently from the handles over the muscles for deep or light massage. The wooden handles can be held comfortably to have a desired control on your massage. You can use it while watching TV, working on a computer in home or office and even on a vacation tour.

The product consists of wooden handles and two plastic rollers with special knobbed surface that roll independently on spindles to vary pressure for better result. It is non-flexible with a length of 17’’, best suited for lower limbs.

It also prepares the muscles for any physical activity, as well as, reduces the effect of lactic acid after any strenuous physical activity. Hence, prevents injuries and enhances stamina. Also, it is a perfect gift.

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