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Injury / Medical Equipment
Take care of your Aches and Pains

Collection of medical equipment to assist in the management of body aches, sprains and post-surgery rehabilitation.
Devices for helping in migraines to soothing hurt feet due to wrong shoes or heels can be found here.
There is equipment to help in stiff shoulders, knees, or toes.

Fabric Cooling Ice Bag

Convenient way of doing Cold Therapy. more

USD$ 11.90

Rubber Cooling Ice Bag

This round shaped rubber ice bag is a more

USD$ 6.50

Shoulder Gel Pack

The Hot - Cold shoulder gel pack is more

USD$ 11.46

Gel Cushion Sleeves (1 P...

Arch support cushions are silicone gel more

USD$ 11.25

Ultra-Soft Silicone Toe ...

2 Loop Toe-separator provides a more

USD$ 8.20

Toe Separating Feet Band...

Toe separators prevent the Hallux more

USD$ 8.50

Gel Bunion Guard - Three...

Gel Bunion Guard is a toe separator more

USD$ 8.95

Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Jo...

This silicone sling guard works more

USD$ 9.45

Shoulder Immobilizing Br...

If you are suffering from shoulder more

USD$ 16.25

Walking Cane - Detachabl...

Stylish yet detachable walking stick. more

USD$ 17.95

Reversible Ankle Sleeves...

The Ankle brace or sleeve is very more

USD$ 11.25

Clavicle Brace Support

The clavicle bone (collar bone) is the more

USD$ 17.95

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