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N95 Mask - 5 layered - Set of 5

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  • Five layered protected masks- made from premier quality material; multi-layer- robust yet flexible, protects against dwarf droplets, fragments, and dust particles- sturdy protection gear; prime quality material- smooth breathing; no harmful chemicals or dye used.
  • Two-layer of smms fabric inner side - four layers of fabric made from 2 layers of melt-blown and two layers of nonwoven spun board inside; outer side - 1 layer activated carbon fabric, one layer melt blown, one layer nonwoven; material efficiently hooked together.
  • Face fit mask designed to seal nose and mouth - particulate filtering effective breathing; compact and practical design; soft nose bridge- comfortable fit; aluminium snap-on clip better fits the nose - bendable and adjustable.
  • Fine mesh protective mask, supreme density fabric - barrier against the corrosive environment; melt blown for inner layer filters out dangerous particles; easy air discharge with increased ventilation lets out moistures and heat and prevents eyeglasses fogging.
  • Superior flexible ear loops- best quality elastic and comfortable to wear- no ear rubbing; durable- extended life; hand wash easy maintenance and quick dry every time; anti-slip- ideal for outdoor activities and work environment; economical reusable mask.
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Protect yourself and your family from breathing viruses with our five-layered facial fit N95 mask. This effective multi-layered mask, unlike others, uses excellent quality material and guarantees its authenticity. With these five-layered protected masks, you form the best shield from harmful micro particles. The multi-layer of this effective mask is tough yet provides it the required flexibility. It helps protects against dwarf droplets, fragments, and dust particles. The use of prime quality material in the manufacturing of this robust protection gear allows smooth breathing with no inhaling of harmful chemicals or dye.

The inner side of the mask is consist of 2 layers of smms fabric made from four layers of material strategically constructed from 2 sheets of melt-blown, and two coats of nonwoven spun board on its inner side. Whereas to increase its protection level, the outer side of the mask has one layer activated carbon fabric, one layer melt blown, one layer nonwoven fabric efficiently hooked together. We carefully designed the mask to fit all face sizes, sealing your nose and mouth.

These five-layered mask provides particulate filtering and ensures effective breathing. The compact and practical design of the mask makes it easy to carry and work. The soft nose bridge provides a comfortable fit, and the bendable, adjustable snap-on clip made from the best quality aluminium offers a better fit on your nose.

Made by using the latest thermal, chemical, and mechanical techniques, these fine mesh protective masks get their highest density making the fabric the best and most recommended barrier against harmful environment. The melt-blown for the inner layer of this mask filters out dangerous particles that protect you and your family from any severe illness. Increased and safe ventilation is its prime quality allows natural air discharge and lets out moistures and heat that, in turn, prevents eyeglasses from fogging over time. Because of the present pandemic scenario, the mask design ensures no ear rubbing and comfort while wearing.

The superior flexible ear loops are made only from the best quality elastic, providing them durability and extended life services. With conditions like easy disposable and maintenance, you can hand wash them or discard them to ensure germ-free protection on every use. The quick-dry and anti-slip properties of these masks make them ideal for outdoor activities and work environment, reusable.

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