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Natural Bathing Loofah

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Natural Bathing Loofah

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  • 100% Natural Exfoliating Loofah- Loofah sponges are naturally grown from the ground up from 100% natural plant-based fiber loofah. Loofah sponge properties remove any dead surface cells in your skin while promoting greater hydratation and blood flow through your body
  • Soak loofah sponge in water till soft. Squeeze loofah gently with your hands and apply soap. Exfoliate your body softly. Hang your bath loofah in a dry place so it will be ready for your next use. Your loofah will be hard when dry and once it becomes wet it will become softer again
  • 100% Eco-Friendly: Our Loofah Naturals are made of biodegradable materials that are a natural alternative to plastics. Our body sponge can be degraded or compost into fertilizer eliminating any harm to the environment. Our loofahs come with brown paper packing in an effort to increase our eco-friendliness initiative and reduce all plastic consumption
  • Flexible Loofah bends to the contours of your body. This ensures all-over exfoliation and cleansing. Intelligently sized to fit a variety of hands, suitable for back scrubbing as it has excellent grip
  • Natural Loofas are an eco-friendly exfoliant, effective in cleaning and removing dead cells from your skin, unclogging your skin pores and improving your blood circulation
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Natural Loofah pad sponges gently remove dead skin and promote micro-circulation for healthier, younger-looking skin in minutes. By unblocking pores and strengthening the dermis, your skin will be more receptive to hydration, moisturizers and lotions, and resistant to the formation of lines and wrinkles. Before use it, please soak it in the warm water for 1 or 2 minute, once become soft, you can use it to enjoy your shower or bath, Loofahs are made of natural material, it mean that they do not contain and artificial substances that may cause risks to the skin.

The length is almost 17 mm, and 12 mm wide, a perfect size for most hands, and they do a great job of removing dry, dead skin from your body. Due to the softer nature of this organic & natural loofah (also known as Luffa or Leefah), this loofah sponge is comfier & more thorough in washing than common loofah when bathing or showering. Because it is not irritating, and quite contrary it indulges and deeply cleanses the skin, it can be used daily with your favorite body wash.

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  • 7/11/2020 8:17:52 PM

    Coimbatore , India

    Quality products at reasonable price.


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