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Natural Hair Care Kit - Neem Comb and Scalp Massager

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World wide Reviews of

Natural Hair Care Kit - Neem Comb and Scalp Massager

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  • Neemwood Comb & Head Massager: Works as Natural Preventive Hair care kit
  • Alternative to Toxic Plastic combs; NeemWood Comb helps in reducing dandruff
  • 100%Natural:Handcrafted;Provides Anti-Bacterial Goodness of Neem with every stroke
  • Scalp Massager:12 Flexible Arms of high grade stainless-steel-gripped with wooden knob
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  • US$ 6.95


There is an increasing incidence of hair disorders such as premature greying, hair fall etc. Daily stress, Pollution and the use of toxic chemicals are some of the reasons that are harming our hair and causing them to lose luster and strength. We should try to lead a life closer to nature. To minimize such adverse effects, Neem wood Combs are very hygienic and beneficial as compared to Toxic Plastic ones. Neemwood is enriched with the anti bacterial and anti fungal properties just like neem leaves. It has medicinal properties to keep the allergies and germs away. Using neem combs, we can impart the anti-fungal properties with each stroke on the hair to facilitate a dandruff free scalp.

The Scalp Massager is a wonderful product which fulfills many purposes. After a stressed and tiring day, massage of the scalp can do wonders for hair and stress-free mind. Pull & Push few minutes mild operations with the massager revitalize overall stimulating proper blood circulation in all parts of body. The tiny spherical ends made of resins send sensations to every part and awakens them removing lethargy and tiredness. Massaging scalp helps hair in their growth and strengthening as the scalp can have proper blood circulation which helps hair in breathing. This massaging takes away the dullness of the hair and improves the texture as well.

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  • 4/12/2017 11:09:59 AM

    AHMEDABAD , India

    I frequently buy from this site as the products are of very high quality. Reliability is the trademark.....

  • 10/3/2016 8:45:44 AM

    Chennai , India

    I`ve been using your Neti Salt for quite sometime. I really liked the package and ease of use.


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