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NatureSooth Stress Buster for Neck and Shoulders

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  • RELIEVES FATIGUE – Massage with Stress Buster promotes lymphatic drainage, enhances blood circulation, helps to relax tired muscles, dredges meridians, accelerates metabolism, releases tension and tones the body.
  • SENSITIVE SUPPORT FOR MASSAGE - Made of 100% natural Beech Wood, this hand carved tool has a smooth finish with no burrs and evenly sanded edges. Keeps the skin safe from any scratches or rashes on the skin. It is robust and durable, making it ideal for long-term use.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR EFFECTIVE MASSAGE – Has 3 sides for gliding and pressing action on the shoulders and neck. Enables application of effective pressure on the muscles without digging. Has a central cut out that works as a handle to provide a comfortable and firm grip. The concave side glides easily onto the curvature of the shoulders and neck.
  • EASY TO USE - Stress Buster is a self-care manual massager that can be used anytime. Suitable for all age groups. Light and easy to carry. Ideal gift for family and friends who need relaxation, and work long hours.
  • USEFUL FOR MASSAGE THERAPISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, WELLNESS CENTERS AND SPAS - Stress Buster is a very handy and effective massage tool. It is easy to clean, carry and store. Its compact and well-polished surface makes it an attractive and useful addition to any professional massage kit.
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Introducing the NatureSooth Stress Buster for Neck and Shoulders – the ultimate solution for those who want to relieve stress and tension from their bodies in a natural and effective way!

Crafted from 100% natural Beech Wood, this manual massager is the perfect tool to promote lymphatic drainage, relax and comfort tired muscles, and enhance blood circulation. The result? You'll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day!

What makes the Stress Buster so special is its ergonomic design, which features three sides for gliding and pressing action on the shoulders and neck. This ensures that you get the perfect amount of pressure on your muscles without any digging or discomfort. And with its smooth finish, there are no burrs or scratches to worry about, so you can use it with confidence and ease.

NatureSooth Stress Buster is highly versatile and suitable for all age groups. It's light, easy to carry, and makes a perfect gift for family and friends who love fitness and need relaxation.

Its unique shaped ends and concave side fits the curvature of your bod. You can customize your massage experience and choose between two ways of gripping it for optimal relaxation.

So why wait? Experience the natural soothing power of the NatureSooth Stress Buster for Neck and Shoulders today and say goodbye to stress and fatigue for good!

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