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NatureSooth Muscle Toner for Legs & Calves

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  • FOR BODY MASSAGE- Used to massage arms, legs and calves. Relaxes stiffness of legs and relieves pain. Large contact area for bigger muscles. Can also be used on entire body.
  • RELIEVES VARICOSE VEINS, LEG PAIN – Improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation in veins. Relieves stress, promotes sound sleep, relaxes tense muscles, promotes proper flow of blood, speeds up metabolism, tones and tightens saggy skin.
  • SMOOTH, CARVED- Has polished surface and rounded edges. Made of sturdy premium beechwood. Durable. Skilfully handcrafted to maintain the natural wood contours. Can be used directly on the skin. Cut-out handle for a comfortable single-hand grip. Pointed ends and curves designed for pressing, scraping, and acupressure.
  • POST WORKOUT RELAXATION – When used to massage leg muscles, after an intense sports or workout session, it relieves physical fatigue and helps dredge the meridians of any toxins. Relaxes the mood and provides relief.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL USE- Professional masseurs and sport therapists find it very useful for their clients. It’s a light and compact tool that is easy to carry and travel with. Great gift for loved ones.
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Introducing the NatureSooth MuscleToner Wooden Massage Tool- the ultimate natural and effective way to achieve relaxation, rejuvenation, and optimal health.


Crafted from 100% premium beechwood, this massager is skilfully handcrafted to maintain the natural contours of the wood. Its smooth polished surface and edges provide safe and effective massaging of tired muscles. Plus, the larger contact area and cut-out handle make it easy to grip and comfortable to use with just one hand. It is suitable to be used directly on the skin, without any worry of scratches or rashes.


The specially designed edges for acupressure massage help to relieve stress, pits in a better mood, promote proper blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and gently tone and tighten saggy skin. Based on traditional acupressure therapy, it's the perfect solution to reduce physical fatigue, promote overall health, and ensure sound sleep.

This massager is perfect to enhance lymphatic drainage and dredge the meridians. This aids blood circulation in veins, thus helping in varicose veins and provides pain relief.


NatureSooth MuscleToner is lightweight, compact and easy to carry around, thus making it convenient for therapists and professional masseurs to carry in their therapy kit.

The also makes a great gift for parents, friends, and family members who need relief from sore muscles and poor lymphatic drainage.

In short, the NatureSooth MuscleToner is your all-in-one solution to achieve relaxation, rejuvenation, and optimal health.

Say goodbye to muscle tension and hello to a more vibrant you with the HealthAndYoga NatureSooth MuscleToner! Get yours today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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