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NatureSooth Wooden Back Roller with Knobber

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

NatureSooth Wooden Back Roller with Knobber

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  • Made from biotic natural wood, handcrafted and polished; free from any toxic chemicals
  • Improves circulation channelizing blood to the stressed and fatigued deep muscles.
  • Helps to improve body posture – strategically designed pinnacles and deep groove therapeutic massage for the soft spinal tissues.
  • Roll on the Trapezius muscles – relief from migraine and tension. Knobber at the end of the roller – for pressure points.
  • Product size - 5.5 inches | 14 cm wide.
  • Quantity

  • US$ 13.95


Muscle pain and inflammation of the muscles can be problematic. Smile... because this Wooden Back Roller with Knobber will help you put all these issues in the past. This roller serves as your self-care deep tissue and massage tool. It helps to minimize the muscle pain correlated with physical and vocational stress. The smooth and effortless movement of this back roller helps to improve circulation and channelizing the blood to the stressed muscles or deep tissues. It is effective in soft tissue back pain that is caused due to an injury or strain to the muscles, ligaments or tendons of the back. This back roller has shown some serious results in therapeutically treating lumbar (lower) spine, neck, upper back and shoulder pain.

The strategically designed rollers are provided with 2 pinnacles and 1 deep groove that gently and smoothly massage the soft spinal tissues and help in improving body posture. If you are suffering from migraine and tension, then a gentle roll of this massage tool on the Trapezius muscles (back of the neck) can help you with that long unwanted pain. The list of its cosmic qualities doesn’t end here, being made from biotic Indian wood, handcrafted and finished with a non toxic polish this back roller is 100% eco friendly. Its regular use has no alarming effects to the skin and is provided with a knobber at the end of the roller that accelerates relief on triggered pressure points.

The roller is 5.5 inches and 14 cm wide in size. It is a proven option for individuals of all age groups. Being light in weight is portable, ensuring an easy fit into any briefcase or overnight hand bag. Ideal for travelers, the Wooden Back Roller with Knobber is sure to minimize your stressed and fatigued muscles for a comprehensive period of time.

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  • 1/23/2021 5:09:22 AM

    Colombo , Sri Lanka

    This is the product that i am looking for and it is very, very good. The seller is very, very helpful and she quickly prepared and shipped it. Before sending it to me, she checked it properly and showed it to me through Whatsapp.

  • 9/26/2019 9:47:17 AM

    Ho Chi Minh City , United States

    Thank you for your follow up.
    Rest assured your service standards I value along with the ‘Civilty’
    This experience provides a confidence and loyalty which are deserving.
    With my best Wishes.
    Grant Fairley

Worldwide Reviews

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