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Neem Wood Tongue Scraper

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  • Natural Hygiene - Skillfully handcrafted, Organic T-head Neem wood tongue scraper; made from naturally grown and monitored neem wood; pure and toxin-free manufacture, no polish or chemicals used, BPA free; completely biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Specially Angled Head for easy scraping and maximum coverage of tongue surface - smoothly scrapes out white tongue coat from all corners of the tongue. Helps remove bad breath.
  • No sharp curves; thick cleaning edges made from fine quality neem wood; Curved long handle gives comfortable anti-skid grip; Neem wood loaded with natural antibacterial properties is perfect material for oral hygiene.
  • Easy to clean and maintain - Just wash with warm water every time before use; No risk of nicks or cuts; one size for all - adults or children; Plastic free with attractive packaging.
  • Easy to carry; Light-weight; Robust wood ensures durability for a long time use. Product dimensions - Head width -2 cm; Handle length -17.5 cm Colour - Natural wood.
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Bad breath is a real downer and confidence breaker; remove it with this 100% Organic T- Head Neem Wood Tongue Scraper. This natural and excellent design aids removing harmful and grim white coats of the tongue that cause bad breath. This skilfully handcrafted T- head neem wood tongue scraper is organic and made from naturally grown and monitored neem wood. The workers have used only pure and toxin-free material to manufacture this remarkable T- head neem wood tongue scraper. The skilled craftsmen have ensured its fine and smooth finish with a natural shine without using any harmful polish, making this handcrafted piece completely chemical and BPA free. It is completely earth-friendly as it is biodegradable without polluting the environment.

Never have a reason to touch toxic plastics to your tongue ever again with this completely eco-friendly and natural oral hygiene tool.

The head has a unique angle that is strategically inclined. This particular shape enables you to clean the tongue surface while reaching to the most distanced area. The head has a thick clearing surface that ensures maximum surface coverage of the tongue. With no sharp edges this fine quality neem wood tongue cleaner is completely safe for children as well. To ensure effortless strokes, the handle has been designed keeping in mind the distal oblique grip. It is long and has a curvy stem for a comfortable hold. Neem wood holding natural antibacterial properties perfects your oral hygiene efforts rather than just the scraping action.

Unlike other tongue cleaners this natural T head neem tongue cleaner is easy to maintain. Just sterilize in warm water to ensure hygiene every time you use it. The anti- skid grip protects from accidental nicks. One size suitable for all - adults or children. It comes in an attractive plastic free packing and being light in weight is ideal to be carried anywhere. This smart piece is durable and will remain in your oral care kit for a long time.

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  • 12/17/2020 7:35:12 PM

    Bangalore , India

    All products were good. Liked them all.

    However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.

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