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Nervtone Wooden Acupressure Slippers

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  • Base made from top quality hand carved Sheesham wood; Anti-slip rubber sole; Adjustable straps to provide a good grip.
  • Wooden inner base of the slipper is hard and has tiny pyramids carved on to the entire surface; On wearing them the acupressure points of the feet get activated; Stiff and pokey inner base of the slipper is based on concept of trigger point therapy- stimulates points (nerve endings) on the feet to improve blood circulation, enhance digestive functions, reduce body pains, remove blockages and bring vitality and balance to the body.
  • Learned sages in ancient times used to wear the wooden khadau as footwear; This is its modern version to keep the body connected with nature and do away with artificial contoured footwear for some time; Wear them to up to 10-15 minutes daily to get relief. You may walk in them, if you feel the pokiness is too much, wear them while sitting to get its beneficial effects.
  • Adjustable straps with wide velcro tapes – allow the wearer to adjust the pressure on the feet and adjust the size; Sturdy fitting of the straps; Perfect for long-term use.
  • FREE SIZE for Women - upto size US 10, UK/ India 8, Euro 40-41 For Men – upto size US 9, UK/India 8, and Euro 40; Don’t wash them, clean with dry cloth only.
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NervTone Slippers are a great way to get the benefits of acupressure massage on the feet. Our feet as well as palms have lots of nerve endings as well documented in Reflexology too. These make the trigger /acupressure points that influence the functions of most of our organs. When given the right stimulation, these points relax or activate the organs, bringing balance and vitality to the body.

These slippers are made of Sheesham wood, which have small pokey pyramids carved all over the surface. Wearer may find them uncomfortable at the first go, it is advised that the beginners may wear some thick socks to get used to the sensation.

Also in the beginning, you may wear these slippers while sitting, as walking in them may get uncomfortable. These are not a comfort wear or a replacement for walking slippers, but rather serve the purpose of pressing various points on the sole of the feet simultaneously, to activate the trigger points.

When worn for even a few minutes while sitting or standing, they help to improve blood circulation and relieve body of stiffness and aches. It is based trigger point therapy. Its carved hard points or ridges are optimally spaced, to press various points on the foot to improve functioning of organs, improve blood circulation and bring balance

Slipper has an Anti-slip rubber sole, making this footwear safe to be worn anywhere.

It has adjustable velcro straps, making the free size up to Euro size 41. Adjustable straps give the user flexibility, to adjust the tightness of the footwear as per comfort.

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