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Sinus Cleansing with Neti Pots
Wash your Congestion Away

Neti pot is designed to rinse out all the mucus from the nasal cavity and allow for a wholesome breathing experience.

Jala Neti Pot ( Jala means water; Neti means nasal wash) is a popular home based treatment for nasal health and sinus problems. It helps in cleansing of the nasal passage by removal of inflammation-causing dust particles and bacteria. Neti helps in free flow of breath in the nostrils. Neti practice helps in reducing headaches due to blocked nose. It also relieves the nasal dryness. It helps in reducing snoring issues.

We recommend the use of Neti Pot atleast once a day for general nasal passage health. You can make your saline solution using H&Y Jala Neti Salt satchets of pure salt. If you have severe sinus congestion, you can practice Neti upto two times in a day. Using a neti pot is an extremely safe and effective way to reduce breathing problems.

Make sure to clean your Neti Pot with soap and water, before and after using it. Air dry after every use.

H&Y has a wonderful collection of neti pots, like Stainless Steel Neti Pot, Ceramic Neti Pot, Travel Plastic Neti Pot and many more.

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