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Body Toning & Strengthening Aids
Products to help you Tone your chest, abdomen, fingers and arms

Build your body strength and tone those flabby parts, using these wonderful toning accessories.

For an expanded and strong-looking chest, the Gymnastic Chest Opener is a great workout tool. It helps build superlative resistance with 5 different stretch levels. It is a durable tool, which is easy on joints and lets you work on targeted muscles.
Spring Hand Strengthener helps build the strength of fingers, metacarpals, and knuckles. It is suitable as a Rehab Aid for recovery from weakness.
H&Y Silicon Hand Exerciser is another effective strengthener tool that is good for forearms, hands, and fingers. Guitarists, pianists, musicians, sportspersons, and computer users can use this exerciser to improve their finger grip and control. This too is a rehab aid for people suffering from arthritis, triggered fingers, wrist injury, surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis, etc.

Furthermore, H&Y offers the Abdominal Hot Shaper Belt for back support while exercising and torso toning.

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