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Pure Copper mug

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  • Pure Copper mug with a handle, Keeps water fresh for a very long time,
  • Reacts with and releases positively charged ions in the water, balances all three ‘doshas’
  • Regulates the working of thyroid gland by increasing copper levels in the body
  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties; it helps in rheumatoid arthritis & pain relief
  • (Capacity: approx 400ml) (Diameter: 30cm) (Weight: 150gm)
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This Copper Mug is a great and a much healthier substitute to a regular glass/china/plastic mug, since the copper in the mug reacts with the water to release positively charged ions, increasing its overall efficiency. The copper released in water is great for managing the thyroid levels, killing bacteria and keeping the skin healthy and shining. The mug is not only good for you; it’s great for the water as well, since it keeps the water fresh for a long period of time and enriches it in copper. Copper fights off with free radicals, which are the main reasons for the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, hence, making one look healthier and younger.

Drinking water that has been kept in a copper container for at-least 8 hours provides immense health benefits, and balances all three 'doshas' of the body namely, 'kapha', 'pitta', and 'vata'.

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  • 12/17/2020 7:35:12 PM

    Bangalore , India

    All products were good. Liked them all.

    However, vetiver bath scrub and neem wood tongue cleaner seemed much more pricier than local shops.

  • 1/9/2019 4:15:31 AM

    Nagoya , Japan

    I bought Amritdhara for myself, the copper mug as a gift, and the toothpaste for both. The drops and paste are a repurchase, and am pleased with them both. The mug was happily received - it looks lovely. When ordering from abroad, a major consideration is shipping costs, so I kept my shopping limited.

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