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Raw Silk Garshana Ayurvedic Massage Gloves – Pair of 2

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  • DETOXIFIES AND RELAXES– HealthAndYoga Silk Garshana massage gloves are specially designed to promote good health and positive energy; Massage using these gloves stimulates the lymphatic drainage, detoxifies the liver and removes excess fat and cellulite from the body; It boosts blood circulation and improves skin texture. Ideal for gentle exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from body and face resulting in a healthy, younger looking and radiant skin.
  • HIGH GRADE PURE RAW SILK GLOVES – Used for exfoliating/dry skin brushing. Made from 100% pure and unbleached raw silk. Gives soothing massage while enabling gentle skin exfoliation; Convenient, comfortable and skin-friendly way for regular dry skin brushing; Durable and breathable material, making it a highly recommended self-care product.
  • EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN- Mitten has a palm-shaped design that allows free hand movement in any direction; Strategical shape makes massaging effective and relaxing. Machine and hand washable. Reusable.
  • ELASTICATED WRISTS- Elastic bands at the wrist of the gloves prevents them from slipping out while massaging. Can be used in the shower.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- One Pair of Pure Silk massage gloves; Natural color. Size-22.5 x 20 cm/ 8.86 x 7.87 inches. NOTE- This product is not intended to prevent or cure any disease.
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Raw Silk Garshana Ayurvedic Massage Gloves are convenient for exfoliation and dry brush technique. They are comfortable and skin-friendly.

These soft silk massage gloves are designed for relaxing massage. The palm-shaped design allows free movement of the hand in the any direction without feeling bound.

The elastic bands on the mouth of each glove prevent it from slipping, making it convenient to work with. Can be used while taking a bath.

Promote good health by naturally stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. They promote positive energy, helps to detox the liver and effectively remove excess fat from your body. Its simple Ayurvedic massage enhances your blood circulation, gives you improved skin, and reduces cellulite. The exfoliating effect of the silk gloves removes dead skin from your body and face resulting in a healthy, younger, and radiant you.

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  • They are made from 100% pure and unbleached raw silk. Breathable material.
  • They are easy to maintain and can be both hand and machine washed.
  • Reuseable.
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