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Relaxation Aids
Soothe and relax your body

Competitive workspaces and hectic lifestyles create a lot of pressure and anxiety in our minds. This mental stress gets transferred to our body in the form of strain and knots in our shoulders, eyes, hands, and joints. It is important, we manage these body stresses on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming chronic ailments.

H&Y brings a collection of relaxation aids, that can be used and kept in office or home. They help to alleviate pains and induce relaxation anytime anywhere.
To soothe strained computer eyes, you can use Gel Eye masks hot or cold for relaxation.
Use the Flaxseed Eye Pillow for gentle eye massage and induce relaxing sleep.
For tired shoulders use the Shoulder Gel Pack or Ice bags.
For the medicine-free treatment of light headaches and heaviness of head, you may use the Rubber Ice bag or Fabric Ice bag.

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