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Cleansing & Relaxing
Oral hygiene, Germ free hands and Relaxation tools

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Cleansing and maintaining personal hygiene is vital not only for the body but also for our spirits and social interactions. These natural and chemical-free products can totally change the way you maintain your oral and hand hygiene. Basic routines of washing hands and brushing teeth can become more effective with our wide variety of tongue cleaners and copper instruments.

Usually our oral hygiene routine is limited to brushing of the teeth, but wait till you try these safe to use and brilliantly designed H&Y Copper Tongue Cleaner and H&Y Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner. They ensure residue-free tongue surface and freedom from bad breath. Tongue cleaner removes bacteria making it an important tool to also prevent cavities, gum diseases and other conditions affecting the mouth.

For hand hygiene- Pure Copper Ball and Copper Germ Stopper are easy to carry and effective solutions. Rolling these on the hand allows copper to do its work of removing germs and keeping you safe. Its a convenient and water-free way to keep the hands germ free when you are on the move.

Copper Ball is a great meditative tool, allowing you to focus.

H&Y Eye Relaxation kit has a Cold- Hot Gel pack that can be cooled down in the fridge, or heated up in a microwave to suit one's mood. This easy to carry mask is an excellent traveling accessory. It helps reduce puffiness around the eyes, eye strain, dark circles, and redness of the eyes. It helps to facilitate sleep and soothe headaches & migraines as well.

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