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Shell Neti Pot

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  • Looks Beautiful - Handcrafted,aesthetically designed conch-shaped Neti Pot; Made from earth elements without any harmful chemicals; Non-metallic ceramic material; Durable, corrosion-resistantand lead-free. 
  • Fits perfectly in Hand and Nose- Holds about 8 oz. (250 ml); Thoughtful shape of ShellNeti Pot allows for a firm hold while the pot is full with water. The smooth spout of the pot with conical taper tip fits in the nostrils comfortably; Smooth edges prevent any skin abrasions or cuts.
  • Satisfying Neti practice- Psychologically soothing design; Give your mornings a refreshing start with this conch style neti pot; Its smooth finish ensures easy water flow- that flushes out dust, excess mucus, and environmental irritants ensuring a healthy clean nasal passage; Effective tool to treat sinus problems and mouth breathing;Improves quality of life with better breathing.
  • Easy Maintenance and Light- Shell Neti Pot can be rinsed immediately after use to remove any salt deposits; Has no open spaces or cavity insideto hold back salt water, making it easier to clean; It is microwave and dishwasher safe; Lightweight; Can be carried anywhere.
  • Enhances Home Décor- When not in use, can be decorated in the house. Its resemblance to the divine conch, makes it an interesting and inspiring object, projecting positive vibes.
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Stuffy blocked noses can become quite a pain, leading to headaches and low energy. Yogic technique of Jal Neti practice is the perfect way to wash the sinus passages and remove any blockages for a clear and lighter breathing.

HealthAndYoga’s Shell Neti Potis a beautiful way to practice Jal Neti. It helps to take care of sinusitis, headache, poor vision, and blocked noses.

For Jala Neti practice, you need to fill the pot with warm saline water. Then the spout of the pot is placed in one nostril, with slightly bent head to allow the water to flow out from the other nostril. With this practice, one is able to wash out the mucus and dirt lodged inside the nasal cavity, to ensure a smoother breath flow and clearer nose.

Shell Neti Pot while being beautiful, is also a very practical product, that does it job well. Its smooth conical spout, without any sharp edges fits comfortably in the nostril. Its shape does not allow water to leak and pushes it straight inside the nose. The body of the pot is compact allowing a firm hold of the pot as you tilt your head. Little practice can make the process of Jal Neti extremely satisfying and fun.

Jal Neti practice benefits the body physically, mentally and spiritually. It removes nasal blockages, clears the eyes, makes breathing easier and keeps the head light. It also prepares the yoga practitioner for advanced pranayama and meditation practices.

Ceramic Shell Neti Pot ismade from inorganic, non-metallic material i.e., free from any acidicor caustic elements like lead. Unlike other materials that go under chemical erosion with time, ceramic is one stable material with no such reaction.

This neti pot is microwaveable, making it convenient to heat water in it. Leakproof- It has no joints, so there is no scope of water leakages.Dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean. It has a smooth inner cavity, that does not hold back any water, keeping it hygienic and germ-free.

Its design resembles the “Divine Conch” and comes in an attractive white color. When not in use can be displayed in the house as décor item. It will surely be a conversation starter.

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