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Malas- Bead Strands for Meditation
In Stone, Crystal, Seed and Wood

Strings,Necklaces or Malas as they are called, are great meditation aids. They help in focusing of the wandering mind when the practitioner rotates the beads with his deity's chant

NatureSooth Sandalwood M...

Wooden beads of Sandalwood strung more

USD$ 16.00

NatureSooth Sandalwood M...

Sandalwood Bead Strand + Saffron Mala more

USD$ 21.95

NatureSooth Rose Wood Ma...

Rosewood Mala + Saffron Mala bag make more

USD$ 12.90

Lotus Mala

Genuine Lotus Seed Bead Strand more

USD$ 12.75

Lotus Mala With Saffron ...

Lotus Seed Mala + Saffron Mala bag. read more

USD$ 14.90

Rudraksh Mala

Genuine Rudraksha Seeds strung more

USD$ 13.95

Rudraksh Mala With Saffr...

Genuine Rudraksha Seed Mala + Saffron more

USD$ 19.90

Printed Soft Cotton Mala...

Mala bags are considered very sacred more

USD$ 9.95

NatureSooth Superior Gra...

Tulsi Wood Beads have medicinal value.< more

USD$ 7.95

NatureSooth Superior Gra...

Tulsi Wood Mala + Cotton Saffron Mala more

USD$ 11.95

Turquoise - Mala Beads

'Firoza' Stone beads protect the more

USD$ 21.95

Purple Amethyst - Mala B...

'Natural Tranquilliser' stone relieves more

USD$ 22.95

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