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SteloKleen Neti Pot + Ayur Nasal Drops

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

SteloKleen Neti Pot + Ayur Nasal Drops

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  • Clinically Hygienic – Non Toxic Stainless Steel
  • Unbreakable & Robust. Large – Rinse both nostrils with a single fill
  • Produce of native forest bred Gir Cows
  • Naturally Strong medicinal properties
  • Effective against sinus allergies & conditions
  • Quantity

  • US$ 24.75


Why The SteloKleen Steel Neti Pot?

Made of clinically hygienic stainless steel, it doesnt allow bacteria to breed in crevices or pores. It can easily be sterilized and made sparkling clean for each use.

Jala Neti, being a wet process and with the tilting of the head, it is easy for the pot to slip out no worries of breakages with your SteloKleen.

With its large size (16oz. / 500 ml.), this neti pot allows you a thorough flushing of both nostrils with a single fill. You can do away with the trouble of a refill.

The use and benefits of cow ghee (clarified butter) have been dealt extensively in Ayurveda pharmacology.

The right kind of ghee when put into the nostrils is capable of treating stubborn and recurrent sinus allergies and conditions, diseases of the eyes and brain as well as the throat. In fact it is chronicled that most diseases of the area above the collar bone can be effectively treated with cow ghee being dropped through the nostrils.

However the ghee should be derived from pure native and forest bread cows – NOT jersey cows or buffaloes or then hybrids being fed with artificial or regulated diets. Moreover the ghee should be extracted from the yoghurt and not the cream or milk and by anti-friction hand churning, rather than machine friction churning which burns of most nutrients and natural prana (or life force).

Cow ghee so obtained, becomes a ‘nectar’ with strong medicinal properties

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  • 5/30/2016 6:14:28 PM

    Jai Bhagwan
    Shimla , India

    Excellent product for routine nasal congestion due to allergy or cold.But ayur nasal drops should also use after jalneti for fast relief.

  • 5/25/2016 2:45:04 PM

    , -Select-

    Bought the stainless steel pot in 2006, still in great shape. Very quality product.

  • 5/27/2015 3:52:02 PM

    Mumbai , India

    It definitely makes difference if you use daily, keeps nasal passage clean, Thanks for instruction & DVD, Very nice product, good quality, the only Con is high price, rest all good.......& I have question Why Meditation & other CD/DVDs are not available to Indian Customers after all the origin of knowledge is India itself, that`s strange & not acceptable


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