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SteloKleen Neti Pot + Pure Neti Salt (25 packets)

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

SteloKleen Neti Pot + Pure Neti Salt (25 packets)

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  • Clinically Hygienic – Non Toxic Stainless Steel
  • Unbreakable & Robust
  • Large – Rinse both nostrils with a single fill
  • Pure salt 99.5% purity
  • No additives like iodine
  • Quantity

  • US$ 24.45


Why The SteloKleen Steel Neti Pot?

Made of clinically hygienic stainless steel, it doesnt allow bacteria to breed in crevices or pores. It can easily be sterilized and made sparkling clean for each use.

Jala Neti, being a wet process and with the tilting of the head, it is easy for the pot to slip out no worries of breakages with your SteloKleen.

With its large size (16oz. / 500 ml.), this neti pot allows you a thorough flushing of both nostrils with a single fill. You can do away with the trouble of a refill.

Using years of experience, we have designed the SteloKleen to meet the finer needs of neti pot users:

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We often get inquiries for the Right Salt to be used for Jala Neti.

There are several people who recommend certain kinds of salts claiming to have healthy minerals or even various kinds of additives including baking soda.

You may call us conservative, but we believe that only Pure Salt should be used WITHOUT additives. While this is not to decry other recommendations, it is just that WE are not convinced on the long-term implications of any additive or chemical on the body. In fact, we even don't recommend table salts that are iodized.

Salt has been used for centuries and shown to have tremendous benefits. For jala neti, we would recommend only Pure Salt - the purest you can get. It should contain no additives nor be iodized and should NOT have any anti caking agent.

For best results while using your Neti Pot, you should use the desired proportion of about 5g of salt in half a liter of water.

The Jala Neti Pot salt provided by us is 99.5% Pure, often called as Pharmaceutical Grade by some. The complete specifications of this salt are as under:

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