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SteloRepair Gua Sha Massage Tool - Boomerang

Worldwide Reviews

World wide Reviews of

SteloRepair Gua Sha Massage Tool - Boomerang

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  • PREMIUM MEDICAL STEEL- Boomerang Gua Sha Massage Tool is crafted in premium Medical-Grade Stainless Steel. It is polished to a mirror- like finish.
  • PAIN RELIEF- Gua Sha Massage helps to decrease tightness of muscles, reduces soreness after workout and relieves chronic pain. It helps to mobilise the tissues to drain out excessive water and toxins .
  • EFFECTIVE MYOFASCIAL RELEASE- Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) tools will reduce recovery time and soreness while helping to heal soft tissue damage.
  • ERGONOMIC MULTI-CONTOURED DESIGN- Its edges are double-bevelled and not sharp for safe use. It has been specially designed to have rounded convex and concave edges, to work on calves, legs and arms. Gives a solid feel without being too heavy.
  • FOR MASSAGE THERAPISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, SPORTS THERAPISTS AND HOME USE- The tool comes in a Velvet pouch to keep the product shiny and long-lasting.
    Boomerang Gua Sha Tool Measures- 7.5 inch X 0.75 inch and Weighs - 150 grams .
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Gua sha is a traditional Oriental alternative therapy in which the skin is scraped to produce light petechiae (purple, red or brown spots on the skin) to improve blood circulation. Poor circulation(blood stasis) sometimes leads to chronic pain and stiffness. So, Gua sha massage helps sore, tired, stiff or injured muscle areas by mobilising the tissue and stimulating the blood flow there. These areas receive new oxygenated blood, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, pain relief and faster recovery.

Gua Sha tools work by scraping onto the skin. Sweeping motions with the tool may lead to redness. It is very normal and just indicates increased blood flow in the area.

Gua Sha Massage technique benefits in an instant, as you will immediately be relieved from muscle pain, chronic back, shoulder or neck pain. By activating trigger points, the gua sha tools can work some magic and ease digestive disorders, dizziness and other ailments. Once done, you’ll automatically start to feel blood circulation in that particular area, with a soothing sensation. These techniques decrease overall time of healing. They reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication.

This Soft Tissue Mobilisation Tool is developed by Health And Yoga to assist in effective treatment of adhesion and scarring brought on by surgeries, injuries, bad posture or overuse of muscles.

HealthAndYoga offers a collection of 3 types of Gua Sha Tools-

B-Shaped Gua Sha Tool , is small in size and especially good for use on face and neck. Its broader side can be used to massage the thighs, calves or the feet. It can be used on any body part.

'S-Shaped' Gua Sha Tool , is a medium sized tool. Especially good for use on shoulders and neck. Its broader side can be used to massage the thighs, calves or the feet. Its pointed small side can be used to massage the joints. Its size allows for easier reach and also provides good grip when massage has to be done on someone else.

Boomerang Gua Sha Tool , is long and narrow in size and especially good for use on calves, feet , and arms. It can be held with both hands to exert pressure on the calves, thighs, calves and the feet. It can be used on any body part.

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  • It measures 7.5 inch X 0.75 inch and weighs 150 grams.
  • It can be easily stored and carried.
  • It is extremely durable and provides good grip because of its contours.

You may use smaller B Shaped Gua Sha Tools for facial and neck massage.
'S-shaped' Gua Sha Tool for arms and other larger areas, or when you need to administer the massage on some one else.

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Worldwide Reviews

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