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Superior Ceramic Neti Pot

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  • Superior Size and Design – Holds about 8.50 oz. (250 ml); Built in Spill protection while doing the practice. Comfortably large handle for that perfect Grip.
  • Superior Spout with Nostril Grip – Nostrils supported comfortably well by superior spout tip design – Provides a perfect seal to nostrils and prevents water leakage or spill.
  • Leak Proof; Thoughtful Design - No open space or cavity, does not hold back water. Built-in Roof Overhang to prevent water from spilling over the top when tilted; Leakproof and smooth with taper conical tip easily fits in nostrils; safe because of smooth edges - causes no damage.
  • Smooth Flow- Smooth finish ensures easy water flow- flushes out dust, excess mucus, and environmental irritants ensuring a healthy nasal passage; an effective tool to treat sinuses and improve respiration; comfortably and naturally.
  • Easy Maintenance - Non-metallic paraben-free material; lead-free ceramic. Covered with food-grade sealant glaze - and totally chemical-free; Easy to keep it clean- microwave and dishwasher safe; Classic attractive design, available in white color; Easy to hold. 
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