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QwikFlo Travel Neti Pot - Nasal Wash - White (Set of 2) + 10 Jala Neti salt

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World wide Reviews of

QwikFlo Travel Neti Pot - Nasal Wash - White (Set of 2) + 10 Jala Neti salt

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  • Travel Friendly Neti Pot: handy & of Compact size,holds 250 ml for a sufficient nasal wash
  • Corrosion Resistant; Does not react with salts; Non-toxic; 100% Safe with no sharp edges
  • Smooth Conical Tapered Nose tip fits snugly at Nostril & also minimizes dropping of water
  • Robust & Highly Durable;One of the best travel aids to be free from sinus allergies
  • Easy grip indents on either side for firm grip during Neti; Prevents sinusitis, flu,headache
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Yoga as a system for natural healing is well known nowadays. People are adapting such methods and practices in their routine life.

In today’s interconnected world, we find ourselves travelling most often. Unfamiliar surroundings, environments and proximity with people subject our immune system to stresses which often responds in the form of nasal infections and allergies. This can be quite disconcerting and a dampener to our travels.

This HealthAndYoga plastic Neti Pot has been specially designed to help you overcome such situations and indeed, even act as a preventive.

Jala Neti is an important yoga practice of cleansing. Its benefits are miraculous and long lasting. It has proven to be most effective in preventing and healing nasal allergies, infections and even stress related headaches. This HealthAndYoga travel neti pot helps you get the most out of Neti practice in a convenient and handy manner.

Specially designed for travel, the HealthAndYoga travel neti pot is ultra lightweight and a flat shape that can even fit into your shirt pocket. It can be used anywhere and anytime without any hindrance.

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This high grade plastic made Neti-Pot holds approx 250ml water. It has long smooth elevated spout with a tapered conical nostril tip. This tip easily fits at nostril without allowing any dropping of water. It has well rounded edges which ensure safe Neti-Practice. High grade plastic material ensures high durability and its robustness.

Being very light and handy kind of Neti Pot, this design is comfortable to carry while travelling and stay protected from pollen and hay-fever using it easily even outdoors.

Just rinse it well before using. Add Neti salt in the water and perform the process without any hassles.

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