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Trio Kit - Cervical Relaxation

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  • Includes Neck Ease Support + Head Massager + Spike Acupressure Ball.
  • Neck Ease Support : designed to cradle the neck providing deep relaxation.
  • Rolling the Magnetic,Spiky Acupressure ball in hands and under feet enhances blood circulation.
  • Spiky Ball : diameter 1.85";Stimulates acupressure and reflexology points.
  • Head Massager : effective scalp massage.
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With an ever increasing load on cerebral activity, sedentary jobs and unhealthy postures in our everyday life, there is an ever increasing incidence of headaches, Neck and Cervical Issues, increased fatigue, eye problems and much more affective the shoulder and above-neck regions of our body.

The Trio Kit seeks to correct this through regular use. After having a tired day at work, resting on the Neck Ease Support for just 15-20 minutes, provides instant relaxation to tired head; relieves tightness in neck, shoulder and spine.Its anatomical shape easily adjusts to most comfortable position. It applies the light pressure at the base of skull and also massages the muscles which connect base of skull to neck behind the ears. Hence, relieves aches, pains and tiredness.To ensure the best support plastic is molded into tongue at one end and the other end is padded with foam. Neck pain and stress melts away in few minutes.

This acupressure ball with spikes is small enough to roll in palms or under the feet. The massage balls combine the power of acupressure and magnet therapy to stimulate the vital reflexology and acupressure points that stimulate the energy channels to various parts of the body. This provides massage with a nerve stimulating effect enhancing blood circulation while removing energy blocks. The spikes on the ball also help to alleviate pain.

The Scalp massager is an amazing tool to massage your scalp like no other. The arms have tiny balls at their ends that provide a stimulating yet relaxing effect on the scalp. Simply hold the masssager with the arms gently and stimulate with a gentle pumping action on the different points of your scalp.

Regular use of the 3 tools will go a long way in improving cervical and overall body health while reducing the nagging issues of inexplicable pains, aches and fatigue.

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