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Waterproof Shoe Bag

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  • High quality polyester fabric light weight, durable, water proof, washable.
  • Excellent Smell absorbence - Activated carbon stitched inside – sterilizer
  • Strong central zipper - high quality smooth teeth; specialized custom made; near airtight
  • Attractive black - available- Large (length 44 cm, width 23 cm approx); Small (length 37 cm, width 22 cm approx) choice of size available.
  • Each bag holds a pair; Unisex; useful as a multi utility bag too - can store make up, toiletry, food etc.
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A light weight and washable shoe organizer, your best companion while travelling. Being impermeable and water proof, this shoe organizer will protect your valuable clothes from that dirty pair of tracking shoes inside your bag pack. It quickly dries up and is stain free.

It is made from high quality polyester fabric. The intense molecular bond of this fabric makes it durable, strong and long lasting. The bag is provided with a strong zipper in the centre for easily keeping your shoes and pulling them out. The zipper’s specialized custom made teeth give it a smooth movement. It also has a stable handle in the centre that helps you to suspend it on any peg to easily pull the shoes out from the suspended bag.

You get this unisex travelling shoe bag in an attractive black color at a very reasonable price. There are two sizes, large (length 44 cm, width 23 cm aprox) and small size (length 37 cm, width 22 cm aprox). The large bag can store men’s shoes of even size 14 and the small bag is best suited to protect those dazzling heeled shoes of our lovely ladies.

These bags are very versatile: as multipurpose, spill free bags, they can also be used to carry your make up, toiletries, food items, etc.

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